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Aviseal Waterproofing Technology is a company focussed on providing high quality crystalline technology and raw materials to construction materials manufacturers.

Aviseal Technology is:

EN Certifiable

Cost Effective

Very High Quality

Extremely Competitive

Aviseal Waterproofing Technology is available to help companies develop, manufacture and distribute a competitive line of crystalline waterproofing products! Aviseal offers proprietary technology including a technical base material to be used with locally produced raw materials to manufacture state of the art crystalline waterproofing systems!

Supply Your Market With Your Crystalline Technology Waterproofing Materials!

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Stop water penetration through concrete permanently!

Protect reinforcing steel for the life of the concrete!

Reduce the effects of carbonization!

Reduce the effects of AAR!

Increase the durability of Concrete and Mortar

Enjoy the advantages of producing your own waterproofing systems!