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Aviseal Product Line

The Aviseal product line consists of technology and a concentrated raw material blend that is used together with local raw materials to produce a line of high quality finished products. The product line consists of penetrating in-depth surface applied waterproofing products and admixtures that will create permanently waterproof concrete and mortar.

The crystalline surface applied waterproofing systems are intentionally designed to penetrate into either existing concrete or new concrete. They create a permanently waterproof concrete capable of self heal micro-cracks. This technology is for the life of the concrete. 

The crystalline waterproofing admixtures for concrete and mortars are specifically designed to permanently waterproof concretes and mortars. They are added directly into the wet mix concrete or mortar for easy and cost effective application.

To learn more about the Aviseal technology, please contact us at info@aviseal.com.




Stop water penetration through concrete permanently!

Protect reinforcing steel for the life of the concrete!

Reduce the effects of carbonization!

Reduce the effects of AAR!

Increase the durability of Concrete and Mortar

Enjoy the advantages of producing your own waterproofing systems!